Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Galina Zasypkina. Moldova.

Born on April 19, 1974  in Chisinau, Moldova.Education  Lyceum N2, Chishinau, Moldova, Art-graphics class (1991); University of Chisinau, Moldova, History faculty (1997).My principal specialty is –
archaeologist. I have spent 10 years in expeditions, including those from abroad. I am interested in antique
cultures, myths and in the religion of different nations, psychology, and art history. I adore Russian/soviet avant-guard. I am attracted by all mysterious, enigmatic things, but the biggest mystery in our world – is human soul. The art for me – is a way of world perception, a method of self-knowledge and of self-development, a means to express facts that are impossible to be said in words. That is why, it is
complicated for me to comment my works and even to give them titles. I prefer to work with oil, to paint for long time, to come back often to the painting after weeks and even after months, in order to make a new sense of my impression and of my state.


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