Tuesday 19 July 2011

Galina Zasypkina. Moldova.

Born on April 19, 1974  in Chisinau, Moldova.Education  Lyceum N2, Chishinau, Moldova, Art-graphics class (1991); University of Chisinau, Moldova, History faculty (1997).My principal specialty is –
archaeologist. I have spent 10 years in expeditions, including those from abroad. I am interested in antique
cultures, myths and in the religion of different nations, psychology, and art history. I adore Russian/soviet avant-guard. I am attracted by all mysterious, enigmatic things, but the biggest mystery in our world – is human soul. The art for me – is a way of world perception, a method of self-knowledge and of self-development, a means to express facts that are impossible to be said in words. That is why, it is
complicated for me to comment my works and even to give them titles. I prefer to work with oil, to paint for long time, to come back often to the painting after weeks and even after months, in order to make a new sense of my impression and of my state.

Heinz Sterzenbach. Germany.

Sterzenbach is a painter who creates self-willed dream figures (men, animals, sculptures, rock formations, etc.). Strange and bewitched creatures come into existence, which defy description. Theese magical, surrealistic images have a suggestive effect on the spectator. Sterzenbach about his practice: "I don´t know theese creatures, before I see them appearing on paper or canvas. I am often surprised about my own creations. By different techniques like frottage, decalcomany, imprimitation etc. structures come into existence, which Sterzenbach assembles into fantasy figures, without having an exact imagination of what is emerging. Little faces and forms, which Sterzenbach inserts finally in the coarse structures, increase the dreamlike surrealistic radiation of the pictures. You may not try to understand or conceive. It is quite a different world where you have to engage in as a spectator.

Alla Uvarova. Moldova.

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Decorative Arts,Tenured member of the Union of Plastic Artists.Doctor of Philosophy.Chisinau, Moldova.Born on 30th January 1969,Chisinau, Moldova.1980-1984 - "A.Sciusev" school of Fine Arts, Chisinau.
1988-1994 - "Ion Creanga" State Pedagogical University, the Faculty of Fine Arts.Works in private collections in Romania,Russia,Canada,USA,Argentina.2001 - Prize winner for young people in literature and Arts(11th edition).

Sunday 17 July 2011

Randy Thurman. USA.

Randy Thurman is an artist, musician, composer, poet, writer, etc. living and working in rural south east Tennessee. Randy's art has exhibited at Monkdogz Urban Art, Gallery 181 and the Jay Etkin Gallery just to name a few. Randy's music has traveled throughout the US and abroad in London, Belgium, and Australia.
"There are two kinds of people in the world, and I am neither." --RT

Saturday 16 July 2011

Yoram Lilach. Israel.

Yoram Lilach - Fine Artistlives and works in Kfar Yehoshua - Israel. Director and teacher of painting
and screen-painting workshop. Formerly teacher in few colleges around Israel.Member of painters and sculptors assoiciation in Israel.Member of I.A.C Painters Association.Artist member fo Art Addiction Association.Artist member of Sulgarden Gallery, Denmark. Awards:1st Prize - 8th Print Biennale in Barcelona (and a judge in this Biennale a year later). Council Prize - Emek Izrael Regional Council and more.Lilach had many exhibitions in Israel and abroad.His works of are are held by many collections in Israel and over the world.

Igor Sosnovsky. Moldova.

Born - 1964,Umani,Ukraine."A.Sciusev" school of Fine Arts, Chisinau.1986 - State University,Chisinau
1986 - 1991 - Lecturer at the Pedagogical University"I.Creanga",Chisinau.Since 1990 - participator of the
exhibitions in Moldova,Russia,Ukraine,Germany,USA,Italy,Poland Art-works in private collections -

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Habib Aghamohammadi. Iran.

I'm a painter & love God,people,peace & grey colour. Interests:  flowers, poems. Favorite Music & Artists:u2 music group & Cristina Aguirela.