Sunday 12 June 2011

Arny Har Even. Israel.

Born in Rosario ,Argentine, as Arnoldo Steinberg , studied at the Castagnino Fine Arts College. At the
age of 16 one of my abstract oil paint was accepted to the Biennale Of Modern Art in my Home Town, among with the most famous artists of South America. At the age of 19 visited Europe and Israel , and as I returned to Argentina I refused to serve the Army , and migrate to Paraguay and after moved to Uruguay , from there left in a Israel ship across the seas back to Israel. In Israel  I made  Expositions of my art
works , specially self- portraits inspired in the Betty Edwards Book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". Last year I did a serial of oil paintings inspired in the figures of the Renaissance artist Caravaggio , that I called "Hommage to Caravaggio" and show the works in the "Zavta" Theater , and after then I was
invited to expose all it in the  "Shfelah Museum of Fine Arts" Today I'm working in Tel Aviv, preparing my next  gallery expo, based  in pastel colors drawings  of male figures.

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