Sunday 12 June 2011

Elise Palmigiani. FRANCE.

My paintings allow me to express and communicate emotions and feelings of what I want to share with the public. I found in the Fauvist school the contrast and the living colors that prevail in my palette.Often, I get my inspiration from the “reality” I intend to project on the canvas in my attempts to translate my
own perception of it and the personal vision that I have. I love to use pure pigments, as they are often warm and very useful to catch and retain the light which help to translate the vibration of a Provencal or Toscana landscapes. A pencil, a palette knife, lots of different brushes offering unique textures and outcomes, all tools are useful to free my cravings. From lights sketches to some more impasto touch, everything is a reason to paint.To me creativity is a matter of sensuality.

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