Thursday 16 June 2011

Marina Liana Rizan. Romania.

Mine is a timid and demure artwork through which I try to express my feelings towards
dreams and reality. Art represents for me a DREAM beyond LIFE and the way on which
I tried to walk among the yearslacking balance. Libra through the stars and zodiac, I am still
in a continuous 'unbalance', I can never establishmy equilibrium between believing and not
believing that truth is possible on Earth and that suspicion does not define everything in
this world.

'My world is miles of endless roads / that leaves a trail of broken dreams' are some words
from a song by Chris Rea that I consider to define my life untill now. My tender soul has
endeavored to go through this harshway of life but I hardened my spirit and never gave up.

I have a world of friends, I like to have a lot of friends especially women, because I am
goodlistener and pacifist, but I always need a 'shoulder' to cry on.

Although I was born in the most beautiful town in Romania, SIBIU, destiny choose to
dislodgeme to thecapital, Bucharest. But God was good to me, I succeeded to vanquish
all the bad feelings I was harbouringand DREAM... If there is something that could be held
against me is that I being dreamer, could not adapt to reality and it became for me a cruel fate.


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