Monday 13 June 2011

Milton Jeronimides (JERON). Brazil.

Milton Jeron was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1958, but spent most of his childhood in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, relocating to Sгo Paulo in 1994. Jeron’s groundbreaking work is in painting, photography and video, using recent computer technologies to analyze the role that mass media plays in shaping consciousness. Jeronґs
paintings reveal a colorful tropical richness, where insistent geometric forms stand out among abstract and figurative images. Obsessively a painter of forms diluted in bright and hidden lights, shadowy forms, defined by bright colors that break the serenity of the painting. Jeron's belief in art as a scientific tool for psychological exploration. His work explores the personal and cultural dynamics that condition how we see ourselves and others as well as how our individual and collective dentities condition such perceptions. Jeron
believes that the artist’s work should tie the time. It operates as a spectator of a work in time. The spectator sees the route traveled by the artist. The artist isn't just an image producer; the artist's target is to produce something extra-ordinary. Most of his art studies were held at MAM (Modern Art Museum in SP), St. Martin School in London and at the Art Students League in NY. Jeron took his master in Fine Arts at University of Sгo Paulo (USP). Jeron also has a degree on electronic engineering from Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, a master in Computer Science from Manhattan College (New York) and two MBAS in administration from Dom Cabral and IBMEC School. Some of Jeron most important exhibitions took place at the OFF Biennale Sгo Paulo 2006, Modern Museum of Contemporary Art Sгo Paulo 2006, the France
Salon de Printemps de Lйsigny France 2004, the Contemporary art SULKIN SECANT GALLERY, SANTA MONICA, CA 2004 and Orpheus gallery in Nicosia Cyprus 2005.

tel: 55-11-5561-2608/6691
cel: 55-11 -8461-8000

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