Tuesday 14 June 2011

Hugh Kerr. UK.

Hugh Kerr is an artist living in London, in the UK. He is self taught and has progressed from fairly basic use of ink and gouache to more sophisticated use of acrylic and oil on canvas in the last 5 years.
My professional training is in the area of geology and environmental science. Elements from these various experiences show through, sometimes in an indirect and abstract way. Whilst I hope that people can detect
elements of the world they see around them in my work, I leave much of the interpretation to the viewer.
Inspiration for my ideas comes from a multitude of directions. The 'Life by the vent' and ‘Alien Plants’ series both take shapes and forms from the natural world and reassemble them to give an impression of other worldliness. Other paintings are also influenced by the natural environment, but also the physical properties of materials, bodies in motion. A number of works are based on musings on the everyday behaviour of the people in the office where I work.

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