Monday 13 June 2011

Jim Charette.USA.

Born in 1962, Jim cannot remember a time when he wasn't creating some type of art. Television provided him with his earliest models to work from in the form of cartoons.He moved on to comics,graphic novels and the like. It wasn't until his first year of Bristol Community College,also in Fall River,that he discovered his affinity for painting while studying under artist Marion Wilner. He went on to study at The Swain School of Design in New Bedford,Ma.under the likes of David Loefler Smith, Severin Haines and Benjamin Martinez. Since college he has had numerous shows,both solo and group,has done illustrations for a number of magazines and newspapers,won many awards,and is currently scheduled to have his work exhibited at Infusion Gallery,Los Angeles, well as online at the VirtualTart Gallery. While he took to painting as obsessively as cartooning,he never gave up on cartooning as such. His cartoons have appeared in numerous
publications,both mainstream and underground.He has also worked as an editorial cartoonist for the Fall River Herald News and had some of his work featured in King Feature's Syndicated 'New Breed'. Ultimately this led him in the direction of the tattoo world where he worked professionally for five years and won awards for his work. Never having given up his desire for either cartooning nor painting he has struggled to reconcile the two artforms for decades. With the advent of some serous health issues he
left the 60 hour a week life of a tattoo artist and has since tried to take his early retirement/disability as a blessing in disguise. Not willing to stop working on his art,he has used his time to continue to piece
together the various parts of his artistic self. He is currently exploring more of a mixed media approach to what he does and,as such,has begun to create what some are calling 'animated expressive abstraction'.

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